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what's the plugin for the skill tree? I wanna hopefully try it out with my own games

Damn, what a game. Wild west and hay puns are 2 of my most favorite things and look what you have in this game! Are you gonna finish this game ? Or do you know any similar wild west theme game like this ?

Sir,maybe,you need  MPP_Pseudo3DBattle.js 

Thanks for the suggestion, man. But that plugin is for MZ, and this is an MV project


Reviewing this game starting Tuesday Morning at 8AM my time (normally I'd consult about schedule ahead of time, but it's a tight week). I'm sure I'll like the game and do a part 2 though, if you can't make it to this one, I'll connect with you for the next one:

Thank you very much! Sounds like a plan!


Oh it looks really great downloading to try and gonna follow to know when its released to buy, ur gonna release just on here or plan on steam too?

No need to buy! When the game finally is released, it's going to be free, and should be compatible with saves from the Demo. Even if saves won't transfer over, I'll make sure to work something in for those who did play the demo (maybe like unlocking the Cheat menu for players trying to load old saves). Either way, I really hope you enjoy! 


Can you provide older versions so I can play through until Chapter 4?

send me a DM on Twitter at @mf_Trailblazer or on Discord at @mf_WillBlack#9591 I'll get you a link to download the full Beta 


What are the updates by the way?

There's been a few. The main highlights of the updates can be found in this devlog:

But you can always see a full list of changes in the Changelog when you download


hey man, looks real nice your game. may I ask what asset you got there, seems like RTP (standard) style mixed with something other ^^ is it buyable somewhere or did you make it yourself?


Thank you, dude! Most of my assets are either RTP or come from the FSM Asset Packs. You can find them on steam and the RPG Maker shop. I'm not artist, so I haven't made anything myself, just little edits here and there

I completed chapters 1-4. And did your new game+?


*slight spoiler*

Just wanted to let you know about two issues I ran into

1. If you chose to fake the chieftain's death, he still appears in a jail cell.

2. After the fight in front of the tomb, if you go back, then you become stuck in a black void.

Thanks for he report!

The second will be fixed in the next upcoming patch, but I can't seem to reproduce the first. I'll see if I can get a different tester to try and see if they can get this to happen.

I turned in his feather and collected the reward and this happens when I click on the cell.

I also noticed this while collecting a bounty

Thanks! Someone else found that one. Fixed in the next version already :)



The squirrel is broken, trust.

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Oh bro, esto por ahora me gusta, lo probé y va bien, seguiré jugando a ver como va el arte mi pana, pero por ahora con el puro hecho de que me dejen dispararme a mi mismo me encanto

Sigo con mi misma opinión, especialmente por como usas la historia de tu juego para explicarle al usuario los detalles y así no matas la continuidad de la historia ;3

Oh bro, esto sigue mejorando mi pana, lastima que paypal me cerro mi cuenta, esto realmente merece mas apoyo.

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Great RPG Maker game in 2021 that I had a lot of fun with! I provided input on this game and offered my support because of how well it does in terms of story and gameplay mechanics. Most RPG Maker games today aren't even close to completion, and they're getting repetitive. This is one of the few narratives I've enjoyed, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here. This is my comment about your game.

Thank you so much for the review! You seemed to pick up on all the little details I put in, hoping to clue the player into the bigger story and to ask questions. IF you want to see more, just let me know and I'll see about getting you a link to download the Beta for chapters 2 and 3. And don't worry - your savegame from the Demo can be ported over


Had a fun time playing this :)

Thanks man! A really fun watch! you really did play for a long time. I appreciate all your comments and feedback! I'll keep in touch and let you know when the full version is available :)

Game seems pretty good but, where did the MB go? 500something MB for Maybe.. 1h of playtime

Most of the file size comes from the music files


Dude, this is the game that keeps getting better. Stay awesome!

And there's more on the way, too! So excited, and looking forward to more of your feedback!

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This was a really fun game! I ended up playing it after Steel and Teal of Studio Blue mentioning it on the RPG Maker Cola podcast and it lived up to their glowing descriptions of this game and more! Very fun game, and the things I didn't fully notice during the podcast's recording - very authentic to the time period, the directed scenes were packed full of humour and great timing, and the whole story has a certain reeling momentum to it. Gameplay is deep, and everything has its place, irreducibly complex, with ducking mechanics, skill trees, tuned progression and a heavy sense of balance. But overall, this contributes to the general idea of fun and full immersion into a Western world. I'll be tuned in to further updates of Trailblazer, for sure!

(Note: I posted this on the devlog, but I thought I'd repost it here for visibility.)

Thank you so much for your comment! You've seen so many great games during your time, that your praise carries a lot of weight! Hopefully I can continue to live up to what I've already done!


This really Yee'd my Haw.


Thank you so much! This complement means so much considering how high quality of games you make. I'm truly honored to receive praise from someone of your caliber. You have a really good eye for storytelling, and it really shows in how you interact on stream :)


awww jeez :'>

How did you do 3D environments for combat?

Thanks! I love using them and I'm surprised more people don't! I have a separate project that has this plugin installed:

When I want to make a battleback, I create the 3D Map in the second project, run a test game, and take a screenshot.

Huh, never thought of that. My only concern is how it might appear at varying aspect ratios.

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Yanfly's Core Plugin, as well as on of the plugins that comes as free DLC with RPG Maker allow you to change the aspect ratio, so just have the aspect ratio in your 3D Mapmaking "game" match your actual game. That's what I did.


Full Playthrough, truly enjoyed this one

Thank you for the amazing playthrough my dude! You are for sure going to get a copy of the next chapters when they're available!


I'm in awe at how much there is packed in here. The game throws something new and surprising at you at every turn. Also, I felt like I was learning all kinds of things about the wild west both in the historical sense and in fiction just by playing the game.


Finally got around to playing through.  This game is incredible, I can really FEEL the influences of classic SNES game coming though.  The prison scene gave me such Chrono Trigger vibes, I loved blocking the mine cart requiring a wagon wheel, keeping the bad lands locked out until a horse (chocobo) is found.  The combat, leveling trees, THE BLACK JACK, taking out bank loans, the depth of how many items and equipment.  The animation quality.  Just God Damn.  I can't get over how good this is.  I have no suggestions how to make it better.  Just please make it a full finished game.  Showstopping.


Thanks so much Niko! 

Coming from you, that means a lot! I will look forward to seeing your LP Review of it soon!


Great game in a really unique setting.  Super characters, great gameplay and a whole lot of fun.  Now back to playing because I'm just passin through.

Thanks so much man. The characters really are the heart of this story, so to hear that those personalities come through really means a lot.


Fantastic job on making a Western RPG.
You obviously put a ton of work into making this world feel like the authentic Wild West...with a touch of the supernatural of course haha.
The 3D backgrounds are great, the weapon and battle system are fun to play and well balanced, the characters are all well developed, and the story is unfolding nicely. 
Great job all around!


Thanks Guld! I put a ton of effort in, and am glad it's paying off!


One of the best rpgmaker games. Awesome :)

This comment means so much to me. Thank you for your support. I'll continue to work on this and hope you'll give it another shot once I've finished Chapter 1.

Of course... 

I wait for it


By far one of my favorite games in the RMMV community. So different from most games but similar enough not to lose gamers. Great music, great dialog\story and very fun battles!


This means a lot coming from you, Rythane. Your game is seriously one of the best out there.